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KrakCast News – Taxing Sin?

1st we cover the Tubby Tax and question whether .70Gr will make people step away from the Sunny Delight, before we change lines and kick the lack of tires on autonomous trams. As Krakow takes it's place in the Top 25 most congested cities in the World we ask why so many people drive in this damn town. Coronavirus panic and of course the ongoing Year of the Boar gets an airing on this jam packed episode of The Krakcast. 

KrakCast Profile – Adam Mickiewicz

You can always find him in Krakow's main square (somewhere he never once found himself) but what do you know about Poland's most famous poet? And Lithuania's most famous poet? And Belarus' most famous poet? It's complicated. Anyway, time to make your day a little more Mickiewicz-y.

KrakCast News – Boar-Hog day as we debate….. eh yeah Boars again.

Possibly our most boar-ing news ever, as we fail to come up with much beyond the incipient porcine apocalypse rampaging across Central Europe, a jacuzzi, a viaduct and one or two other items of trivia.

KrakCast News – Poland, solar panel capital of Europe?

Not much news in lately so we had to be a little creative this week. That's why we were forced to talk about things like solar panels in Poland, new street signs in Krakow, a car that magically lost a million km and more. Seriously, did anything really interesting happen this week? 

KrakCast Profile – Ignacy Jan Paderewski

Concert tours of Europe and America, giving away lots of money, growing grapes in California, Prime Minister of Poland, funding the Grunwald monument in Krakow, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (really) and more. Join us for a chat about the amazing life and career of Ignacy Jan Paderewski. 

KrakCast News – Hunt wild boar inside the city? Yes we can! (for now…)

The fight over judicial independence is getting a lot of attention this week and that's our starting point in the News. Then it's on to Auschwitz commemorations without Poland, the latest totally not-shocking delays in local construction projects, hunting in the city limits (wha????), American Airlines gets it wrong again and more. 

KrakCast Short Histories – Ratusz

You've walked by it a million times, but do you know the story of the clock tower in Krakow's Main Square? Listen as we explain the origins of Krakow's development in the late Middle Ages and the establishment of its city government. Not as boring as it sounds—really! 

KrakCast Review – Thoughts on “The Witcher”

Everybody's talking about "The Witcher", including us. Listen as we discuss the good (no Nicholas Cage), the bad ("Wait, where are we?") and the ugly (the first episode) of Netflix's hit series based on the books or possibly the video game based on the books or maybe none of the above. Toss a coin to KrakCast Reviews! 

KrakCast News – Why can women retire before men?

In our first News of 2020, we start with the latest "no" from the city Conservator, then it's on to impossible retirement promises, idiotic parking rules, a Ukrainian attack on St. Mary's church, bird flu and the Polish poultry industry and more Putin. 

KrakCast Interview – Try to keep up with Matthew Tyrmand

Taken from the same recording session as the episode we posted last month about "Pan T.", the film that is NOT about his father (cough), political commentator and analyst Matthew Tyrmand joined us to talk about the current situation in Polish politics. As always, he has strong opinions on pretty much everyone and everything and we tried our best to interrupt where we could. There was so much to talk about we forgot to record a proper introduction—oops...

KrakCast Profile – Fryderyk Chopin

Fryderyk Chopin's music defines the Romantic era and is closely associated with Poland and its national character. Listen as an actual musician (Josh) explains Chopin's genius while the rest of us (John & Dr. Mike) try not to embarrass ourselves. 

KrakCast News – Is Zakopane overrated? Plus, Golec Orchestra and partying with Polsat.

In our last News of 2019, we talk about how Poles celebrate New Year's Eve, the enduring and slightly strange popularity of Zakopane, Krakow's latest beach development and Putin's suggestion that Poland started WWII. Happy New Year, everybody! 

KrakCast Short Histories – Martial Law in Poland

Earlier this month, the 38th anniversary of the declaration of martial law by the communist government in Poland was marked by Martial Law Victims Remembrance Day. Listen as we discuss this controversial chapter of Polish history, the people involved and what measures the communists took to repress the growing forces of reform and opposition. 

KrakCast News – Which is worse in Poland, the drivers or the roads?

This week we talk about some of the new laws (maybe) coming into effect in 2020, including rules that affect job seekers, drivers, pedestrians and anyone who eats sugar (that is, everyone). After that, it's famous paintings, fireworks and 21st century Church donations. 

KrakCast Weekend – Be honest, Star Wars sucks

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we used to enjoy Star Wars movies. What happened? Listen as we try to use the Jedi mind trick on Dave to convince him that he's wrong to defend the hot mess that the Star Wars universe has become. 

KrakCast News – Poles and fake L4 medical leave

The government knows that about a quarter of everyone on L4 is lying about being ill and it's starting to do something about it. That's one of our topics for this week's News, along with a conversation about how maybe the Conservator conserves too much, ANOTHER new mall in Krakow, a really stupid school Headmaster, even less parking in Krakow's Old Town, new anti-Uber laws coming into effect, the EU lets Poland say "whatevs" to new carbon emissions laws and an update on the ongoing carp situation. 

KrakCast Weekend – “The Irishman”

In this first episode of KrakCast Weekend, we review "The Irishman" from Netflix. Does the cast actually seem younger with anti-aging movie magic? Could Robert DeNiro really kick anyone's ass today? Did we make it to the end without falling asleep? Listen and find out! 

KrakCast Interview – Who’s the “T” in “Pan T.”?

Get ready to hear an incredible story about, well, lots of things. Matthew Tyrmand joins us again to talk about an upcoming film, "Pan T.", which, depending on whom you ask, may or may not be based on the life of Matthew's father, Leopold Tyrmand, an important figure in the history of the Polish jazz scene. Matthew says the film is obviously is based on his father's life and is taking legal action to prove it. Producers of the film say that, um, there are a lot of, like, TOTAL coincidences but the film is about, uh, some other guy. Or something. We get the facts straight from the source and the inside story of what is apparently a good movie that you may or may not be able to see soon.

KrakCast News – Was Tesco Poland unlucky or stupid?

Auschwitz Christmas ornaments on Amazon? Why not! That's our weird start this week before turning to the long, strange death of Tesco in Poland, more bad news for a possible Metro system in Krakow, a tragic accident leaves eight people dead after a gas explosion, lots of gold comes home from the UK, Krakow will spend 6,500,000,000zl next year, Unity Centre is coming along, horse racing on Błonia and Ukrainian border guards are assholes. 

KrakCast News – Black Friday in Poland - WHY?!?!?!

With our special guest commentator this week—Jonathan Ornstein of the Krakow JCC—we start with the bizarre phenomenon of Black Friday in Poland before moving on to other things, like discovering that we apparently live in the most anti-Semitic country IN THE WORLD!!! Then it's Angela Merkel and her upcoming visit to Auschwitz, the obligatory discussion of trains and trams, something about Swiss Francs (some us stopped listening then) and a great story about drunk driving involving a horse.