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Had enough of Stag parties yet?

Last week, a group of nearly-naked British tourists circled the Rynek in a horse-drawn carriage and the story (along with the horrible pics) has gone global. In this episode, we finally discuss the people we all love to hate—tourists here on Stag parties. 

KrakCast News - Kazimiera Pułaska???

Another mayor gets stabbed, teachers get ready to strike, Poland's Deputy PM (yes, there is one) questions free cash, garbage gets separated (maybe), Amnesty International gets interested in Poland, Wisła Kraków gets back on track (kind of) and Kazimierz Pułaski gets...a sex change? All this and more in this week's KrakCast News! 

Talking Polish politics with Jo Harper of Forbes magazine

We read a lot of commentary about Polish political affairs but the writing of Jo Harper of Forbes magazine stands out from the rest. Through the magic of the internet, Jo joined us to chat about current affairs and the national elections later this year. Be sure to follow Jo's work online and check out his new book on Amazon -



KrakCast News - Teachers hungry for more money (and food)

A new week, a new group of public sector workers on strike. It's the teachers' turn this time and that's our first subject for discussion. After that, it's one our favorite subjects (tram ticket prices), traffic nightmares caused by construction all over the city, another favorite subject (the Sunday shopping ban), EU parliamentary elections and Poland's reaction to the EU's latest insane plan to regulate the internet. 

KrakCast Discussion – Stop taking stupid pictures at Auschwitz

It's a sign of the times. Last week, the official Twitter account of the Auschwitz Museum had to ask people to stop and think about what kind of pictures they take when visiting. Join us as we discuss the limits of good taste and common sense in this very unique context. 

KrakCast News - The Garbage-pocalypse is upon us

Spring is here and you know what that means—time for the city to kill rats! That's our starting point this week before moving on to new rules about garbage segregation, the new ban on burning coal, special parking spaces for electric cars, who's going on strike this week (teachers), John's favorite topic (Eurovision) and more. 

Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend! 

KrakCast Interview – A pair of Kings!

The Krakow Kings American football team is about to kick off a new season and two of them joined us for a chat about being part of Krakow's royalty. Robin and Zuza (yes!) tell us what it's like to practice and prepare to hit (and get hit) on game day. Be sure to catch a game in person this season!

We’re taking a small Krak-Cation

No new episodes of The KrakCast this week, which may or may not have something to do with St. Patrick's Day and various parties. We'll be posting some of our "Greatest Hits" for anyone who absolutely cannot live without hearing our voices. New episodes next week! (Probably!) 

KrakCast News - Happy Late Women’s Day! (oops) Also, does Poland need another Kuba or Julia?

We forgot to cover Women's Day last week (and then forgot to cover it first this week) but that's ok, right? This time we talk about 20 years of Poland in NATO, the future of solar power, popular names for kids in 2018 and St. Patrick's Day! 

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Bart Siepracki from Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland promotes Irish commercial interests around the world and Bart Siepracki, Head of their office for Poland and the Baltic states, joined us to chat about what they do and the business relationship between Poland and Ireland. Listen and learn, people! 

Living and working legally in Poland

Aneta Maciejewska is an immigration law consultant and works professionally to help people navigate the process of arranging residency cards and work visas. She joined us for a chat about how foreign residents in Poland can do everything legally and avoid problems (like, you know, being deported...). You can learn more at .



KrakCast News - Life after doughnuts…

We're back and after a short discussion of doughnuts, we dive into the REAL news, including recognition for Krakow's restaurant scene, problems with the Green Zone in Kazimierz, more 500+, VERY well-paid employees at the National Bank, yet another new political party and Polish movies on Polish airplanes. We finish with Dave's rather late discovery of the Polish connection to Patek-Philippe watches.


Renting an apartment in Krakow? Here’s what you need to know.

If you're renting an apartment, no matter which side of the transaction you're on, there are some things you need to know to avoid problems in the future. John Naughton of joins us again, this time to chat about the rights & responsibilities involved when renting a property in Poland.


Political Update - (New) Party Time!

Wiosna got their party started recently and in this episode we take a look at what they're all about. Also, we discuss whether "PO" stands for "Permanently Out (of Power)" and why Jarosław Kaczyński can't just retire and be with his cats full time. 

KrakCast News - Watching movies in the middle of Plac Nowy?

This week's news starts with news of the death of a former Prime Minister of Poland before staggering through discussions of cops who have to work in smog, a surprising plan for Kazimierz, missing metro studies and a few of the major diplomatic disputes involving Poland. Enjoy! 

Another round of sex therapy with Erotic Intelligence Trainer Antonina Dębogórska

So nice we had to do it twice! Sex Coach, Sex Therapist and Erotic Intelligence Trainer Antonina Dębogórska returned to our studio for another chat about the intimate issues that she deals with professionally. Listen and learn from our favorite sexpert! 

You can have your own conversation with Antonina here. 

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Lessons from a social media shitstorm (and an invitation!)

Well, THAT was interesting. Last week we posted an episode that got a huge reaction and we're still trying to understand what it all means. This is just a short message to let you know what it was like to be on the receiving end of so much, um, attention and an invitation for anyone who wants to take part in the SEQUEL!

KrakCast News - Any trouble finding contraception?

This week we start out with a discussion of access to contraception in Poland because apparently it's really hard to get. Or something. Then it's on to news about poor health habits and dying. On a much lighter note, there are lots of local news items this week related to getting around Krakow by tram and bus. We finish with a story about a bus driver who REALLY needed a drink. 

Why is it (almost) always a Polish girl with a foreign guy and (almost) never the reverse?

Time to talk about something we've all noticed. Why does it seem like 90% of mixed-nationality relationships involve a Polish woman and a foreign guy? What's wrong with Polish guys? What's right with Polish girls? We demand answers! That's why we invited some people to the studio to talk about it and see if we could unlock this mystery. 

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KrakCast News - Where’s the beef? Also, (not so) shocking Kaczynski tapes, a SHOOTING in Krakow and more….

The week started with BIG NEWS about Jarosław Kaczyński that, like him, wasn't so big. We also learned about a problem with a meat from Poland that might make you lose your appetite. After that, we cover a shooting in Krakow, low unemployment and a new way to get medicine from Polish doctors. We finish with talk about the biggest issues of all - World Wetlands Day and the hammer throw at the Olympics...

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