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Why is it (almost) always a Polish girl with a foreign guy and (almost) never the reverse?

Time to talk about something we've all noticed. Why does it seem like 90% of mixed-nationality relationships involve a Polish woman and a foreign guy? What's wrong with Polish guys? What's right with Polish girls? We demand answers! That's why we invited some people to the studio to talk about it and see if we could unlock this mystery. 

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KrakCast News - Where’s the beef? Also, (not so) shocking Kaczynski tapes, a SHOOTING in Krakow and more….

The week started with BIG NEWS about Jarosław Kaczyński that, like him, wasn't so big. We also learned about a problem with a meat from Poland that might make you lose your appetite. After that, we cover a shooting in Krakow, low unemployment and a new way to get medicine from Polish doctors. We finish with talk about the biggest issues of all - World Wetlands Day and the hammer throw at the Olympics...

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A short message for KrakCast listeners, especially those in Afghanistan

We've got a request for you this time on The KrakCast. Whether you're listening in Podgórze or Peru, Nowa Huta or New Zealand, Azory or Afghanistan (really!), please give us six minutes. Thanks!  

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KrakCast Discussion – The world of Polish TV (LEKTOR ALERT)

It's time to talk about some of the more, uh, unique aspects of Polish television like the lektor (wtf?), TVP vs. TVN (pick a side), ads for liver pills (why?) and more. Don't change the channel! 

KrakCast News - Sunday shopping failure, Cold War success and LOTS of transport talk

It's a busy week in the news, starting off with Oscar nominations for a Polish film and "Mama 4 Plus". After John vents his hatred of student discounts, it's on to an Irish-Polish fight over taxes, possible changes in the Sunday shopping ban, Uber spending big $$$ in Krakow and a TRIPLE dose of news about roads & trams. 

KrakCast Discussion - The Krakow property market

Do you live under a bridge? No? Then you're in the property market. Whether you're renting, buying or selling, we're all somehow involved in this massive part of Krakow's economy. Join us for a chat with John Naughton with and learn about what the market is like, where it's going and what impact platforms like Air B&B have. 

KrakCast News - The good, the bad and the ugly of tourism to Krakow

Lots of local topics in the news this week, starting with some statistics on the number of tourists who visited Krakow last year. Then it's on new rules about where you can advertise and the ongoing drama with the new ban on alcohol sales. After that, we talk about flu season in Krakow and why medicine in missing in local pharmacies. We close with news of Wisla Krakow's fundraising campaign and Grandma & Grandpa's Day (how did you celebrate?). 

KrakCast Discussion - Murder in Gdansk

The tragic murder of Paweł Adamowicz last week in Gdansk is our subject this week on The KrakCast.  

KrakCast Discussion - Wisła Kraków is STILL totally f***** up

We will stop talking about Wisła when they stop doing hilarious things that we can talk about. We're back with an update of the crazy things that are going on with one of Poland's most famous football clubs / comedy acts. Much has happened since we recorded this so it's just a matter of time before the next episode of "The Wisła Show". 

KrakCast Discussion - Boared to Death

What do you think about the government's approval of the hunting of more than 200,000 wild boars this month? It's yet another divisive issue for everyone, and us, to argue about so here's what you need to know about it and our opinions. 

KrakCast News - WOSP, Hua-what? espionage scandal, escape rooms don’t escape controls & more

Join us for a discussion of the final of the WOSP, how you pronounce "Huawei", the new #1 Polish movie ever, winter holidays for students and some other random stuff.

KrakCast Discussion - Wisła Kraków is totally f***** up

While you were enjoying your Christmas holidays, Wisła Kraków was busy looking for new ways to humiliate itself. Listen and find out just how incredibly insane (and hilarious) their recent problems are and join us in wondering just how much worse (and funnier) it can get. 

KrakCast News - First 2019 edition!

Like the Terminator, we are back with the news in our first episode of 2019. Lots of transport this week, with free trams on smog days, new "green zones" in Kazimierz and the horrific invasion of electric scooters. After that, it's everyone's favorite subject for picking up girls in bars - the independence of the head of Poland's central bank. Then it's quick discussion of Poland's Sportsman of the Year and a description of the tragic events in Koszalin last week. 

KrakCast Special - Polish rock & pop music for beginners

We decided to make a list of bands for anyone looking to learn more about Polish rock & pop music and we had amazing guest to help us. Marcin Jędrych, nationally-known DJ at RMF FM, walks us through some of the most iconic (and up-and-coming) artists on the Polish music scene. After that, we chat about other related topics like local concert venues, Polish radio and everyone's favorite "contest" - Eurovision.


Last KrakCast News of 2018!

We bring the year to a close with an update on the hilarious Wisła Kraków sitcom, the results of the latest fight between Brussels and Warsaw, tragic news involving Polish miners and the approved way to sell obwarzanki in 2019. Thanks to everyone and we'll be back in January! 

The KrakCast Christmas Krak-tacular!

It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you love carp and confusion about when to open presents. Join us for a chat about some of the things that make Christmas in Poland unique, from searching for the first star in the sky to Home Alone. Merry Christmas, everybody! 

KrakCast Review - 1983 finally comes to an end

We return to 1983 for our review of (basically) the second half of Netflix's first Polish production. Opinions are divided but we all agreed, wait, we didn't agree on anything. Is 1983 worth the watch or not? Listen and get our take on the show that everybody's talking about. 

KrakCast News - Busiest.Week.Ever.

At least 100 topics in the news the week, including the close of the Katowice climate conference, hydrogen, VAT fraud in Poland, Wisła Kraków staring into the abyss, sound quality at the Tauron arena, 5G coming to Poland, snow tires (???), the government survives a pointless attack, free rides on trams and filming movies in Krakow. Ok, more like 9 subjects but you get the idea. 

KrakCast Interview - A real journalist joins us to talk about the Polish media

The issue of the media landscape in Poland is complex and requires expert knowledge, so we thought it would be better to bring someone who actually knows what they're talking about into the studio. Robert Socha is an investigative journalist with TVN and he joined us for a discussion of some of the controversial topics currently surrounding the Polish print and broadcast media. Listen and get his fascinating insights into the world of the reporters who influence the way we understand the world around us. 

KrakCast News - Climate chaos, Wałęsa wears a t-shirt to a funeral, fat Polish kids and more

The news starts with a discussion of how the climate conference in Katowice may be saving the planet but it's killing us here in Krakow. Then it's a double dose of Wałęsa, talk about inactive kids, kiosks, trams, alcohol sales and...garbage?