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KrakCast Discussion – The abortion protests

Our team goes from zero to 20% female today with a special guest who joins us for a talk about the protests that have taken place across the country over the last two weeks. Listen as we calmly make our points and peacefully disagree. Nah, just kidding. 

KrakCast News – No candles this year

On this week's CovidCast, we start with the closing of cemeteries, ventilator numbers, death stats & other happy news, Duda gets Corona-ed, a different kind of New Year's Eve celebration this year, cereal killers and more. 

KrakCast Weekend – The US Presidential Election

You may have heard about an upcoming election in America, it's kind of a big deal. In this episode, we go off-topic to chat about the showdown that everyone's tired of hearing about and also cannot stop talking about. 

KrakCast News – A ray of hope for Poland’s pitiful potato chip aisle?

After establishing that the time change totally sucks and introducing our special guest, we talk about our new red zone reality, how much longer schools can function, the big court ruling on abortion, Poland's (latest) new political party, returning statues and Dave's temporary joy over an alternative to Poland's three-flavor chip/crisp monopoly. 

KrakCast News – Gym? No, officer, this is a store. And a church.

The news starts with a COVID quarantine for Poland's PM before joining the highway to the red zone (does anyone know that song now?), a WWII bomb goes boom, Poland and Ukraine discuss their gas problems, Allegro goes public, the national political scandal of the week, a gym gets creative in dealing with Corona restrictions, yet another plan to change Plac Nowy and more. 

KrakCast Discussion – The Wielopole Kantor Gang

There's an interesting criminal trial going on in Krakow right now and it's producing information about the local organized crime scene. Listen as we discuss crime in Krakow generally before focusing on the incredible story of a money exchange office in the center of town and its connections to a huge criminal enterprise. 

KrakCast News –Nowa Huta now with no huta

We start with some good sporting news this week, Poland's first Grand Slam tennis champion, before moving on to the bad news, including masks for everyone, the closing of the steelworks in Nowa Huta, more chaos on ul. Dietla and nice trees that have to go before going back to some more good sporting news (for some people). 

KrakCast Discussion – Kraków’s Eternal Mayor, Jacek Majchrowski

In his apparently permanent role as Mayor of our city, Jacek Majchrowski has seen (and earned) a lot. Listen as we list the biographical highlights of Krakow's long-serving boss and try to discover his key to political success and obvious invincibility. Oh, and his multiple sources of questionable income. 

KrakCast News –Statues on bridge to disappear because reasons

The news starts with an expansion of Krakow's airport and LOT's financial problems before moving on to a new reality for Uber, a Corona update, the new Polish cabinet, bridge statues, a reason to celebrate on Dluga street, Unity Centre is done and our first Nazi story in ages. 

KrakCast Interview – Alex Băcica of the Krakow Dragoons FC

This week we have a very special interview with Founder and President of Krakow Dragoons FC, Alex Băcica. Alex joins us in the studio to talk all about the Krakow Sunday League, taking the Dragoons into the professional ranks and all the frustrations and elations of amateur football. Dave also treats Alex to several long history lessons about the Krakow Sunday League, which we are sure he enjoyed thoroughly! Check it out.

KrakCast News – The Dark Knight Returns

It's a slightly truncated news this week, with public transport first up, then local Eurovision winner in mugging shocker followed by Russian's laundering money through Poland. We conclude with a deep dive on this week's massive news that Jaroslaw Kaczynski is considering re-entering the cabinet. Is he trying to keep Ziobro and Morawiecki from killing each other? Is he about to clear house? Does this set up the long awaited Ziobro power play? Listen as we fill the airwaves with theories and mirth.

KrakCast News – The European Games come to Krakow #sowhat

This week we discuss The EuroOlympics or WeenieGames as John calls them, corruption accusations against a former minister, a debate on mask enforcement and last but not least much talk of Putins Pipe. That wasn't last, we talk about other stuff but summaries are tough so just have a listen.

KrakCast Discussion – Who makes Krakow’s best burgers?

From VERY humble origins, the burger scene in Krakow has grown to a point where there's now an upscale burger place on every corner. Ok, not literally but almost. Listen to a brief recent history of how we went from gross to gourmet and see if you agree with our picks for Best Burger in Krakow. 

KrakCast News – Krakow’s new (planned) nightlife spot?

We start with one of our favorite subjects (tram ticket prices) before moving on to criminal balloon investigations, a new casino in town, Dolnych Mylnow's possible replacement in Zablocie, the strange lack of a good train connection to Zakopane, US troops in Poznan and more. 

KrakCast Short History – The Wawel Chakra

Forget about hospitals, doctors and pharmacies—all the healing power you need in Krakow can be found under Wawel Castle, in the form of our very own chakra stone! Or possibly not. Listen as we discuss this little-known source of mystical power that may or may not exist. 

KrakCast News – The Vist-eewwww!-la river

Time for the news! This time, we start with numbers from Krakow's airport & a 'yellow zone' update. Then it's on to fake cops, train connections, pensions for anti-communists, DO NOT go swimming in the Wisła, the mess in Belarus, Nordstream 2 and various other odds & ends. 

KrakCast Interview – Matthew Tyrmand will not stop talking

Political commentator, strategist and activist Matthew Tyrmand returns to KrakCast HQ for a chat about both Polish and American Presidential elections and about a thousand other things that pop into his head. Try to keep up! 

KrakCast News – Krakow’s riverfront needs a makeover, now

This week we with start with an obligatory COVID update, including new 'yellow zone' restrictions. After that, it's complaints about noise at the airport, a new way to board buses, Dolnych Mlynow dies and Forum rises, yet another plan to develop Krakow's riverfront, German ambassador problems, foreign ownership of Polish media, a new sugar tax comes into effect and Dave's standard last-minute interruption. 

KrakCast News – Public sex always gets clicks

Krakow might be in a COVID "yellow zone", or it might not. That's our starting point this week before moving on to the importance of getting kids back to school, a new Health Minister, Poland's strangely low(ish) unemployment rate and other financial news, a policeman physically enforces quarantine, Krakow's latest fight over garbage fees, getting a Master's Degree in Fraud and, um, romance in bus station tunnels. 

KrakCast Short Histories – The Miracle on the Vistula

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the end of one of the most important events in the history of modern Poland and a battle that helped to shape the map of Europe. Listen as we (mostly successfully) navigate the complicated waters of an interesting but overlooked chapter of history. 

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