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KrakCast News – The Vist-eewwww!-la river

Time for the news! This time, we start with numbers from Krakow's airport & a 'yellow zone' update. Then it's on to fake cops, train connections, pensions for anti-communists, DO NOT go swimming in the Wisła, the mess in Belarus, Nordstream 2 and various other odds & ends. 

KrakCast Interview – Matthew Tyrmand will not stop talking

Political commentator, strategist and activist Matthew Tyrmand returns to KrakCast HQ for a chat about both Polish and American Presidential elections and about a thousand other things that pop into his head. Try to keep up! 

KrakCast News – Krakow’s riverfront needs a makeover, now

This week we with start with an obligatory COVID update, including new 'yellow zone' restrictions. After that, it's complaints about noise at the airport, a new way to board buses, Dolnych Mlynow dies and Forum rises, yet another plan to develop Krakow's riverfront, German ambassador problems, foreign ownership of Polish media, a new sugar tax comes into effect and Dave's standard last-minute interruption. 

KrakCast News – Public sex always gets clicks

Krakow might be in a COVID "yellow zone", or it might not. That's our starting point this week before moving on to the importance of getting kids back to school, a new Health Minister, Poland's strangely low(ish) unemployment rate and other financial news, a policeman physically enforces quarantine, Krakow's latest fight over garbage fees, getting a Master's Degree in Fraud and, um, romance in bus station tunnels. 

KrakCast Short Histories – The Miracle on the Vistula

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the end of one of the most important events in the history of modern Poland and a battle that helped to shape the map of Europe. Listen as we (mostly successfully) navigate the complicated waters of an interesting but overlooked chapter of history. 

KrakCast News –”Predatory turtles” terrorize Poland

This week's news starts with a corona update and a (too) deep dive into how the EU is (not) helping. Then it's GDP problems, elections in Belarus, movies are in and cars are out in Kazimierz, the future of Plac Nowy, the balloon and trams on Krakowska are back, killer turtles and Dave's fear of animals. 

KrakCast Discussion – The war to bring food to your door

Over the last few years, Poland has been invaded by yet another army. This time, it's an army food delivery guys on bikes and mopeds, bringing lunch and dinner to the homes of millions of Poles every day. It's a business that has exploded recently and the COVID situation has accelerated the trend of ordering online. In this episode we look at the names and corporations that are behind the transformation in the way that Poland eats. 

KrakCast News - Communism returns to Poland (from Chicago)

This week we start with an update on the worsening COVID situation in Poland and the government's announcement about schools reopening. After that, it's a new rule about stores being able to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask, Poland quits an agreement on gender violence, Krakow's Hilton Hotel might never be finished, someone lands at the Krakow airport with a passport from communist Poland and an unused bridge might be in a big Hollywood movie (or not). 

KrakCast Chat – The role of “działki” in Polish life

In our 250th episode, we talk about "działki", the small plots of land used for gardening and outdoor recreation by millions of Poles. If you're Polish, you probably have some childhood memories of time spent on a "działka". If you're not, you need to know what this is all about. 

KrakCast News — What’s next for Hotel Forum?

This week's news includes an update on the latest delay in the construction project on ul. Krakowska, new ideas for Hotel Forum, the city doesn't know when people steal huge pieces of property, a return to the Presidential election, Ikea's Bible problems and more. 

KrakCast Interview – Abortion law in Poland

We interviewed activists from both sides of the abortion debate to talk about what changes they would like to see in Poland, both culturally and politically. This is one of our longer episodes, but try to listen to the end and gives both sides a fair hearing.


KrakCast News – The local government wants more money (again)

The city government is reacting to the COVID crisis by doing what they always do—by increasing the prices of everything. That's our starting point this week before moving on to an update on the Corona situation in Małopolska, a nasty assault in Wieliczka, apparently anyone can call President Duda on the phone, more severe penalties for people who drive like an asshole, Polish cop cars to become more "American" (?), a recap of the Presidential election and MAKING HALLOWEEN ILLEGAL! 

KrakCast Chat – Krakow’s Best Pizza

In part two of our "Krakow Pizza" series, we try to crown a king of local pizza restaurants with the help of self-described pizza fanatic Jonathan Ornstein, who knows WAY more about this subject than we do. Listen and see if you agree with his expert-level opinion about the places you need to check out if you haven't already. Enjoy this slice of advice on where to find Krakow's best pizza. Get it? SLICE OF ADVICE???

KrakCast Interview – Krakow’s Michelin Star - Bottiglieria 1881

Kajetan Zalewski is both the General Manager and Sommelier at Krakow's Bottiglieria 1881 restaurant, which was recently awarded an ultra-prestigious star from Michelin. He joined us to talk about what it takes to get a Michelin star, the Polish wine scene and lots more. Listen and make your reservations now! 

KrakCast News – Sphinx gets a fatal case of COVID—who’s next?

Once again, we had to record the day before the main news event of the week. This time we discuss the two separate 'debates' last Monday, how TVP 'news' is a joke, truck drivers from richer EU countries are angry, Warsaw bus drivers are (possibly) stoned, Sphinx is disappearing from malls, the impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market and more. 

KrakCast Interview – Repression and “elections” in Belarus

Despite being right next door to Poland, Belarus remains a great unknown for many of us. To learn more, we welcomed a volunteer from the Belarusian House Foundation to talk about the situation there, including what is happening to opposition candidates in next month's elections, when Alexander Lukashenko is once again expected to get 384% of the vote. Listen and learn about what's going on in a country we all hope will soon experience change for the better. 

KrakCast News – Debate disasters

This week we start off with some post-election topics like Robert Biedron's disastrous performance the prisoner preferences, then we move on to sitting outside for a drink, no more cash for tickets on trams, the EU is (still) working on a Coronavirus response, Russia doesn't like Poland's canal project, Karmelicka gets (another) park and Dave's man-crush on Robert Lewandowski continues. 

KrakCast Short Histories – The weird history of the Hotel Cracovia

There was a time when the Hotel Cracovia was THE place to stay in Krakow. Those days are long gone but the big, empty and very dated building is still with us. Listen to a story about an interesting piece of Krakow's recent history, learn why the building is still there even if the hotel isn't and discover why it's really risky to buy things from the city. Oh, and prostitutes. And casinos. Just listen—it will all make sense. 

KrakCast Chat – Pizza in Krakow, Part 1

After more than two years and almost 250 episodes, we finally get to the subject everyone really wants to talk about—pizza. In this first of two episodes on the topic (topping?), we get some great background on the pizza business from Noel O'Donnell, who managed and led several pizza restaurants in the early days of the industry in the UK. Listen to his description of the pizza business, his take on the Krakow pizza scene and our discussion of the ultimate crime against humanity—putting ketchup on your pizza. 

KrakCast News – Pre-Post Presidential Predictions

We recorded this the day before the Presidential election and you're going to listen a day or two after so this is a little awkward... But we're pros so we press on and talk about "election silence", Duda's photo opp with Trump, US troops in Poland, predictions about the election (we were right!), a bus crash in Warsaw, police checking for masks on trams and buses, Dr. Mike makes a prediction about Corona doom, construction on Dietla comes to a stop for the 99th time (plus a bonus lecture on concrete from Josh) and last week's Polish invasion of the Czech Republic that you probably didn't know about. 

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