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KrakCast News - Can you eat beaver?

So many questions to answer on this week's KrakCast News, including what kind of political coalitions we can expect soon, if it's safe to fly on LOT, what "hate speech" means in Poland and, most importantly, would you eat a beaver burger? 

KrakCast News - HEUGE elections, wild cows & more

Elections for the EU Parliament were the big story this week, with lots of interesting angles to the results. What happened to the European Coalition? Does PO still exist? Is Wiosna's 6% a great victory or total humiliation? Is the Facebook generation starting to influence elections? In other news, we cover the latest traffic nightmares in Krakow, Polish Unicorn sightings, amber smuggling (really) and wild cows. Yes, wild cows. 

KrakCast Discussion - “Tylko nie mów nikomu”

Everyone's talking about the documentary that tells us "not to tell anyone". More than twenty million people have watched it since its premier just two weeks ago and it has become the subject of discussions all over the media, both in Poland and abroad. Join us for a chat about our impressions of the film and the subjects it covers and watch it for yourself at the link below. There's also a link to the church document that Dave mentions during the show.



KrakCast News - The end of Dolnych Młynów gets closer

We talk about literally everything this week, starting with flooding in the river, Juvenalia, 500+ for disabilities, Morawiecki's real estate investments, ARS-less Kazimierz, to grill or not to grill, Dolnych Młynów's limited time and more. Ok, maybe we didn't mean "literally" literally. 

KrakCast Discussion – The electric scooter plague

Some people like the new electric scooters and others don't. Who's to say who's right? We are, and we're here to list the reasons that the plague of electric scooters is a sign of the end of civilization, or at least enough to ruin our day. They say that haters gonna hate, and electric scooters are the perfect target for our anger in this KrakCast Discussion. 

KrakCast News - LGBT (Lesbians, galleries, bread & Trump…and more)

Dr. Mike is in the host chair this week as the news starts out with LGBT events in Krakow the Mayor's attitude towards the recent Gay Pride march. Then it's on to obwarzanki celebrations (huh?), Andrzej Duda's birthday & the revival of Fort Trump, Trip Advisor's list of the best hotels in Poland, problems at Krakow's airport, immigration, coal, free museums and...seriously, isn't that enough?

KrakCast News - You put WHAT on a skirt?

The Matura gets bomb threats, there are basically no open roads in Krakow, the garbage rules are officially trash, Morawiecki's dreams of electric cars, electric scooters will soon kill us all and Auschwitz fashion statements keep us busy this week in the news. 

KrakCast Chat – Fergus Duffy of Duffy’s Irish Bar

Krakow has no shortage of places to have a drink but Duffy's Irish Bar in Kazimierz stands out from the crowd with its live music, great atmosphere and good times. The man himself, Fergus Duffy, joined us to talk about what it's like to run an Irish bar in Krakow and share the secret behind his success, including the key role of toilets. Just listen, it will make sense. 

KrakCast News - (Insert banana joke)

It's been a while since we talked about Donald Tusk, but we take care of that problem in this episode of the News. You're welcome. After that, it's an update on the ongoing drama around the status of Polish judges, last week's banana-rama of protests, Agnieszka Radwanska & Sebastian Janikowski (separately, not.....oh, just listen), the local government's commitment to flowers & trees, John's allergy problems, Poland's grill culture, including Hala Targowa sausages, and an expensive bike from England is stolen and reappears in...Poznan?

KrakCast Discussion - Matura Time for Polish students

This week, students who want to finish high school must first take the Matura, the school-leaving exam. It's a time of stress and pride and excitement and worry and joy and sorrow's complicated. Join us for a chat on the subject of what the Matura is all about and how it compares to some other systems used elsewhere. 

Doesn’t anyone work around here? May holidays explained.

It's been two weeks since the Easter holidays, so it's obviously time for more days off. With three of them in the first three days of May, there's a lot for us to talk about. The next national holiday isn't until June 20—HOW WILL WE SURVIVE FOR SIX WEEKS???

KrakCast News - The Krakow balloon is back (unless the wind blows)!!!

We always say there's a lot to talk about but this week there is seriously a lot to talk about, starting with food trucks in the shadow of Wawel, the return of the balloon that rarely moves, the teacher strike strikes out, Poland loves the EU (or not), Krakow is 10% foreign, the PLAGUE of electric scooters, Wisla hooligans ALLEGEDLY helping the police, Indian bus drivers in Poznan and a very messy ending. 

KrakCast – We will, we will blok you

It's a hard blok life for us, here in Poland. This week's news starts out with a discussion of a major feature of the landscape all over the country—old-school apartment blocs (or bloks, if you prefer). Then it's on to Nazi salutes in Krakow (what?), the pigeon plague, parking places, more Wisla Krakow drama, car traffic in Kazimierz, a local tech breakthrough, the Huawei spy story and....oh, just stop reading this and start listening! 

KrakCast – Easter in Poland

It's time to celebrate an occasion we all look forward to—having the day off on Monday. Oh, and Easter. Listen as we compare our experiences celebrating Easter here in Poland and elsewhere around the world. 

KrakCast News – Got your Karta Polaka?

A lot to talk about in this episode of the news, including the best week ever for Polish students, a new Polish membership card, the Battle of Grunwald (both large and small versions), a stimulating discussion about payroll taxes, Poland becoming the engine (ha!) of growth in the automotive industry, The Witcher movie is finally happening and a quick return to the subject of the new recycling plan in Krakow. 

Had enough of Stag parties yet?

Last week, a group of nearly-naked British tourists circled the Rynek in a horse-drawn carriage and the story (along with the horrible pics) has gone global. In this episode, we finally discuss the people we all love to hate—tourists here on Stag parties. 

KrakCast News - Kazimiera Pułaska???

Another mayor gets stabbed, teachers get ready to strike, Poland's Deputy PM (yes, there is one) questions free cash, garbage gets separated (maybe), Amnesty International gets interested in Poland, Wisła Kraków gets back on track (kind of) and Kazimierz Pułaski gets...a sex change? All this and more in this week's KrakCast News! 

Talking Polish politics with Jo Harper of Forbes magazine

We read a lot of commentary about Polish political affairs but the writing of Jo Harper of Forbes magazine stands out from the rest. Through the magic of the internet, Jo joined us to chat about current affairs and the national elections later this year. Be sure to follow Jo's work online and check out his new book on Amazon -



KrakCast News - Teachers hungry for more money (and food)

A new week, a new group of public sector workers on strike. It's the teachers' turn this time and that's our first subject for discussion. After that, it's one our favorite subjects (tram ticket prices), traffic nightmares caused by construction all over the city, another favorite subject (the Sunday shopping ban), EU parliamentary elections and Poland's reaction to the EU's latest insane plan to regulate the internet. 

KrakCast Discussion – Stop taking stupid pictures at Auschwitz

It's a sign of the times. Last week, the official Twitter account of the Auschwitz Museum had to ask people to stop and think about what kind of pictures they take when visiting. Join us as we discuss the limits of good taste and common sense in this very unique context.