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KrakCast Interview – Sex therapy with a sex therapist

Our favorite psychologist and sex therapist, Antonina Dębogórska, returns to talk about Polish attitudes towards sex, sex education in Poland and answer various questions that we really need answers to. For a friend, obviously. 

KrakCast Discussion - Blasphemy, insulting politicians and free speech in Poland

Several current and recent legal cases have highlighted the issue of the limits of free speech in Poland when it comes to offending religious feelings, political authorities and the Polish state. Listen as we discuss what happened, who's in trouble for what and where you can and cannot draw a penis. 

KrakCast Discussion – Smoking in Poland

Local governments around the country are dealing with the issue of smoking on balconies, and that got us thinking about Polish smoking habits more generally. Join us for a discussion of some interesting stats that show just how much Poles smoke and how those numbers compare to the recent past. 

KrakCast Discussion – The 2021 Polish Census

You may not have heard about it, but it's time for the government to count us again. The census forms have some interesting questions about who you are, where you live, who lives with you and a lot more. Join us for a chat about what you can expect from the 2021 Polish Census. 

KrakCast Interview – Yolk Coworking Space

Our friends Max & Michał from the best coworking space in Krakow dropped by to talk about remote work in the age of covid, the growing market for coworking spaces, the kind of people you'll find there and much more. Listen and see how easy it is to get out of your kitchen and into a great environment for (net)working. 

KrakCast Discussion – Amazon v. Allegro early impressions went live at the beginning of the month to start an epic, Godzilla vs. King Kong battle with Allegro for supremacy in the Polish e-commerce market. Join us for a discussion of our first impressions of Amazon's Polish page and the differences between the two services. 

KrakCast News – Should the city pay for in vitro treatments?

We're locked down this week, talking about the cancelled Easter market, homeless people and prisoners with Covid, cheating the tram ticket inspectors, paying for in vitro treatment and the tragic (welcome?) closure of a cat cafe.

KrakCast Discussion – Is “murzyn” a bad word?

The Polish Language Council recently decided that "murzyn" is an offensive word, which comes as a surprise to millions of Poles who don't think of it that way at all. If we shouldn't use that word, then what word should we use? Is it time to reconsider what's offensive and what isn't or is everyone getting too sensitive? 

KrakCast Short Histories – The Krakow Jewish Ghetto

March 13 was the 78th anniversary of the liquidation of the Krakow Jewish Ghetto. Listen as we describe its short history and how it is and isn't commemorated in the neighborhood of Podgórze. 

KrakCast News - What’s wrong with BMW drivers in Poland?

Gabi's back for the news so you know IT IS ON!!! We start with the (maybe) decline of Netflix in Poland, COVID tests from Biedronka, Krakow's "Manhattan" development, new private student dormitories, dangerous Polish roads and BMW drivers, deposits on plastic bottles coming soon, 25% of the country is retired or disabled and more. 

KrakCast Discussion – Fundraising campaigns to send sick children abroad for treatment

We often see requests for donations to help children with severe health problems to get treatment abroad posted on social media, on the street and even on television. Listen as we discuss why they can't get treatment in Poland, what this means in a country with nationalized healthcare and a program that allows everyone to help those in need. 

KrakCast Short Biographies – St. Maximilian Kolbe

Maximilian Kolbe was a Polish priest who volunteered to take the place of someone sentenced to death in Auschwitz. In doing so, he became a Saint in the Catholic church but not without some controversy. Listen as we discuss the man and his path to Sainthood. 

KrakCast News – 300 episodes of The KrakCast!

Time for the news in episode 3-0-1 of The Krakcast, starting with L4 leave from work, MORE money for the sextuplets, the "Olympics" no one wants, the future of office space in Krakow, street lighting goes from yellow to white, InPost goes cold, virtual buses and we still don't like ski jumping. 

KrakCast Weekend – Air travel is a soul-crushing nightmare

We go off-topic this week to discuss the many things that make travelling by plane a hyper-stressful experience for some of us. From being unable to find seat "9D" for some mysterious reason to Poles and their weird habit of clapping when planes land, join us for a discussion of everything that makes us want to jump out at 30,000 feet. 

KrakCast Discussion – Is “Women’s Rights Square” an epic troll or an epic fail?

The culture wars around the abortion issue took an interesting turn this week when the Krakow City Council approved a proposal to name an area "Women's Rights Square". By an amazing coincidence, it's right in front of the local offices of PiS. Is this a good move or not?

KrakCast News – The cost of the Snowpocalypse

Removing snow is really expensive and involves a lot of salt. Or possibly coffee. That's our start this week before we move on to covid discipline cracking in Zakopane, to beach or not to beach in Krakow, the media's reaction to the media tax, Hungary and Poland are BFF's, the (possibly) final word on e-scooter rules, Polish music on Polish radio, Hotel Cracovia gets a makeover and the search for a new Hejnał player continues. 

KrakCast Discussion –We’re not sure why Poland loves these songs so much

There are certain songs and artists that you hear quite often in Poland that we don't think are played as much elsewhere. That's our impression, anyway. Listen as we go through our list of songs and see if you agree with our theories about why they're strangely popular here and tell us if we missed anything really obvious. 

KrakCast News – Amazon vs. Allegro - Let’s get ready to rumble!

Amazon's decision to (finally) set up shop in the Polish market is in the news this week, along with relaxing COVD restrictions, Tesco sitting on top of a gas-fuelled time bomb, hydrogen-powered buses and start-ups that get millions thrown at them for unknown reasons. 

KrakCast Interview – An Auschwitz tour guide

As a guide at the Auschwitz Museum for nearly thirty years, Wojciech Smoleń has a comprehensive understanding of it that few others do. Listen as we discuss a familiar subject from a very unique perspective and learn some new things about a place that is visited by more than two million people every year. 

KrakCast Short Histories – The Polish role in the past & present success of IKEA

Is there a law that says that 90% of Poles have to furnish their homes with products from IKEA? It certainly seems that way sometimes. Maybe it's because of Poland's long relationship with the meatball merchants. Listen as we look at the history of the deep Polish connections to the Swedish global giant. 

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