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KrakCast Short Histories – The Warsaw Uprising

August 1st was the 77th anniversary of one of the most important events of World War II. Listen as we discuss what happened and why it plays such a huge part in the way Poland sees itself and its own history. 

KrakCast Discussion – Poland’s system for entering High Schools

About 350,000 Polish students recently took an exam that determines where they go to High School after finishing the 8th grade. Should 15-year-olds be faced with such pressure? Did you know what you wanted to do with your life when you were that age? Listen as we discuss the pros and cons of this aspect of the Polish education system. 

KrakCast News – Jumping On Cop Car Guy - hero or idiot?

Obviously, we have to start with Jumping On Cop Car Guy before we get to other news, including too many Polish Olympic swimmers, drowning season in Poland, teenagers love TVP, Polish universities for Polish students, fake cocaine in the Rynek, banning fireworks and when trams & buses collide. 

KrakCast Discussion – Doing something about Poland’s horrible road safety record

Several particularly horrific recent car accidents have led the government to propose new penalties for drunk and dangerous driving. Will this do anything to change Poland's notoriously poor road safety conditions? Listen and learn just how the government plans to punish the people who make driving here such a risk. 

KrakCast News – Do some people just look “Polish”?

After spending way too much talking about the weather, we finally get around to what students study at Polish universities, births are down during COVID, Wolt (not to be confused with Bolt) will bring everything to your door in 15 min, the genetic map of Poles and more. 

KrakCast Discussion – Donald Tusk Part 2 - The Revenge, The Two Towers, Reactivated, 2 Fast 2 Furious

One of the biggest figures of the last twenty years of Polish politics is making a return to the stage, but does anyone care? Listen as we discuss what Donald Tusk's decision might mean for his party and the next round of elections. Will the sequel be better than the original or will it be a Police Academy-style embarrassment? Get some popcorn and make your own decision!

KrakCast News – The last time we ever discuss horses in the Rynek

After mentioning the return of The Witcher and the debut of The Office, we move on to Carrefour wanting out of Poland, full-auto Zabkas, horses in the heat, paramedics want a pay raise (who doesn't?), Krakow the Green City and jobs for parking attendants and tram drivers. 

KrakCast Chat - A nutritionist’s view of the Polish diet

Our friend Sarah is a trained and certified nutritionist, so we invited her to join us for a discussion about the modern Polish diet and some of the ways it has changed in recent years. Listen and start feeling either really hungry or really guilty, depending on what's in your kitchen. 

KrakCast Chat – A real estate pro explains the insanity of the Krakow property market

We brought in someone who actually knows what they're talking about to discuss one of our favorite topics—the gravity-defying recent rise in prices for property in Krakow. Listen as we cover the many reasons why it often feels like we're living in Manhattan or central Tokyo while we still earn like we live in...well, you know the rest. 

KrakCast Chat - Should Poland just stop playing football?

Every two years, we go through the same cycle, moving from "POLSKA, GOLA!" to "YOU SUCK!" in about a week. Poland's performance at the European Championships has us wondering if maybe it's time to try some other sport. Listen as we detail the last 20 years of almost constant embarrassment and ask why countries with a fraction of Poland's population are so much better. 

KrakCast News - Should Krakow be covered with cameras?

The extreme weather is our start this week before moving on to boar wars, census people at your door, doctors on strike, cameras all over the city keep us safe or possibly not and Galeria Plaza finally dies. 

KrakCast Chat - Getting a driver’s license in Poland

Given how hard the test is, every driver in Poland should be a God-level driving expert so...why aren't they? That's one of our many questions about the whole strange process of getting a driver's license in Poland. Listen as our friend Sarah describes her experience and how she answered the question about saving someone who was about to die. Wait, what? 

KrakCast News - Are Jewish figurine souvenirs racist?

Is Robert Lewandowski better at making commercials than he is at playing for Poland? That's our start this week before moving on to a gay dating show for Polish tv, difficult Polish names, possibly racist souvenirs in Krakow, the worst air in the world and clear proof that the Polish government listens to The KrakCast. 

KrakCast Short Histories – Jan Matejko

Jan Matejko, the greatest of all Polish painters, went to the Jan Matejko School of Fine Arts, located on Jan Matejko Square in Krakow. Coincidence? Listen to our short profile of the artist behind so many iconic works and find out. 

KrakCast News – Horses, moose, squirrels terrorize Krakow

After insulting all Geminis, we get into the news, including a trilogy of animal terror, who's in the Polish middle class, nurses on strike, the sugar tax is killing us, Poland has THE WORST traffic and Happy 115th Birthday!

KrakCast Chat – Why is Poland’s population falling (and about to fall a lot more)?

Poland has the same problem as many other Western nations—plenty of sex (wait, right?) but not enough babies. Why is having three kids considered a "big" family now? What happens when a society can't be bothered to reproduce itself? Who's the crazy one in this conversation, John or Gabi? Listen and make your own decisions as we serve up this massive black pill about our not-so-distant future. 

KrakCast Discussion – Belarus back in the news for all the wrong reasons (again)

Our friend Natalia, a native of Belarus, joins us to discuss the latest events related to the arrest of dissident journalist Roman Protasevich and the political climate in Belarus generally. Listen and learn how wearing red or white or even speaking Belarussian is bad idea in Europe's last dictatorship. 

KrakCast News – Will Primark in Krakow change your life?

After John relives another supermarket nightmare, we talk about strange COVID math, high school kids and religion class, Primark comes to Krakow (yay?), Hype Park opens, new laws come into effect for pedestrians and drivers, Poland as a solar power...power, more tram tunnels coming and a discussion of fruits. 

KrakCast News – THE BOARS ARE BACK!!!

Bad traffic is our starting point this week before we move on to the public's dislike for PiS (and PiS's high support from the public), the new "Polish Deal" promises to rain cash from the sky, the Wisła Kraków stadium needs (more) money (again), the right to use cash & backwards America and THE BOARS ARE BACK!!! 

Be sure to check out Sarah's YouTube channel here-

KrakCast Interview – The Krakow Cricket Club

Yes, there is cricket in Krakow—almost literally in the shadow of Wawel Castle! We were joined by two members of the Krakow Cricket Club to talk about how they got started, what it's like to recruit new players in Poland and more. If you're looking for something different to do, go and check out a KCC cricket match—don't worry about the rules, you'll figure it out. Maybe. 

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